Debt Smart South Africa

At Debt Smart we help you deal with your debt problems so that you and your family can live the life that you deserve! By developing better debt management skills and changing your spending habits, not only can you get out of debt, but you can avoid finding yourself back in the same situation again.

We will restructure all your debts into one affordable monthly payment by placing you under debt review, and negotiating more affordable repayments with your creditors.

Are you drowning in debt?

We can help you deal with the following types of personal debts:

• Store Cards
• Credit Cards
• Personal Loans
• Bank Overdrafts
• Hire Purchase
• Bond Installments
• Vehicle Finance

Are you drowning in debt?

If your answer is “yes” to two or more of the questions below – Debt Smart will be able to help you.

• Am I in debt?
• Am I behind in my account repayments?
• Am I too scared to answer my phone in fear of my creditors calling for money?
• Do I need protection from legal action by my creditors?

17.6 million South Africans are indebted, of which 7.5 million have bad debt.

Debt counselling services were made available to over-indebted consumers from the 1st of June 2007 through the National Credit Act No. 34 of 2005.

Debt counseling aims to assist over-indebted people so that they can afford their monthly living expenses as well as pay their creditors.

Debt counselling will protect over indebted consumers from legal action, and protect thier homes and cars from being repossessed.

Debt Smart will investigate to determine whether the credit was granted recklessly.

You can TAKE CONTROL of your debt stress!

Debt Smart is situated in Port Elizabeth and also has a branch in East London. This does not mean though that we cannot assist you anywhere in South Africa!